Telstra digital advertising campaign

Series of digital ads designed for a large Telstra national digital campaign promoting their hybrid cloud services. The campaign was largely targeted at IT professionals, CTOs and CFOs working at mid-to-large sized Australian companies and corporations.

Our agency was engaged to design the entire campaign. I was the sole designer on the project and worked closely with the project manager, copy writer, animator, head of digital and accounts team. The project was overseen by the head of digital and the creative director. Using the existing Telstra brand guidelines I designed a wide range of digital banner ads including MREC, half page, leaderboard, gutters, page takeovers, expanding rich media banners, mobile banners and billboard-sized digital screens (to be used at Qantas Frequent Flyer lounges and airports throughout Australia).

I designed the concepts for the banner’s animation frame-by-frame, then provided annotated documentation to the in-house animator who brought the ads to life.

Client: Telstra (Australia).
Designed at
CHE Proximity, Melbourne, 2015.

The Australian Business Review page takeover: MREC and leaderboard banner ads, plus gutters.
Video ad used on digital screens at Qantas Lounge and airports throughout Australia.
MREC banner ad (300x250px).
Mobile banner ad on The Australian.

Mobile banner ad on The Australian.

Leaderboard banner ad (728x90px).
MREC and leaderboard banner ads + full page takeover on Zdnet.

MREC and leaderboard banner ads + full page takeover on Zdnet.

Halfpage banner ad (300x600px).



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