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Website for ChronoXscape, an escape room in Wengen, a small ski village high in the Swiss Alps. Escape rooms are growing in popularity around the world, so the owners of Hotel Falken decided to build one in their hotel. This would give visitors to Wengen something else to do in the off season, or when conditions made skiing untenable. The brand identity, social media visuals and print materials were designed by a good friend of mine, whilst I designed and built the website.

The site has a deliberately dark, foreboding feel to it. This alludes to the fact that escape rooms put you out of your comfort zone. Hotel Falken was built in the 1890s, so we incorporated vintage elements such as ornate old pocket watches and keys. These tie into the historic features of the hotel, as well as alluding to problem solving, and time limits. The first escape room (Crooked Detective) uses imagery and typographic styles reminiscent of the classic film noir era. The second room will have a World War II theme.

I built the site in Squarespace, and heavily modified one of their templates with some CSS tweaks to change certain aspects of the site. This was the first bilingual site I’ve built myself, which presented some interesting challenges. I utilised a fantastic plugin called Multilingualizer to do so. Customers are able to book and pay for sessions in the escape room online.

Client: ChronoXscape (Switzerland)
Designed remotely from Perth, 2018.

Desktop: the homepage banner in English and German.
iPad: a section of the homepage featuring the escape rooms in English and German. (The second room is coming soon).
Above: the footer of the booking page viewed on a mobile, in English and German.
Desktop: the rates page in English and German.
Above: zooming in on some design elements within the site.
iPad: a section of the rooms page, with information about the Crooked Detective escape room. In English and German.
Mobile: the booking page in English and German. Online booking is implemented using Acuity Scheduling.



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